Friday, October 20, 2017



As a busy mom of 2 crazy kids under the age of 12, and the owner of my own successful web design business ... eating healthy and taking care of ME has not been a priority for many years!

I hate to say it ... but I had developed OFFICE!  I would SIT here at my computer all day long working ...

then I'd SIT in my car driving kids around to their activities in the evening ...

then my butt would be back SITTING in my office chair working again after the kids went to bed.
PLUS ... I never really gave much thought to the food I was eating.  Sure ... I took the time to plan my dinners to ensure the kids were getting good meals before they went off to dance or swimming or gymnastics or tennis.

I have always taken really good care of my kids to ensure they were eating well balanced meals and staying super active.
But I never took the time to take care of ME.
I eat my breakfast and lunch by myself at the computer working.  So ... I would just grab whatever I could quickly find in the kitchen.  And it was not normally the healthiest thing for me!

And ... I would find myself wandering to the kitchen A LOT just to munch!  My office is just past the kitchen ... so not that far of a walk to go get a snack!

Well ... it got to the point where I was running out of things that I could fit into in my closet.  Spring was here ... and I had nothing to wear!
My options ... go get a new wardrobe of FAT clothes ... or make some changes in my life!
I chose the later.  The thought of buying FAT clothes absolutely depressed me ... and I was NOT going to do that!

I got in touch with a health coach and she helped me figure out how I could fit healthy eating AND fitness into my already crazy busy life!  It was a totally manageable plan!  I could do this!

My breakfasts and lunches are EVEN EASIER than before!  I just whip a quick shake ... which is TOTALLY delicious ... packed FULL of fruits and proteins and tons of healthy nutrition!  They shakes are so super yummy ... and keep me totally satisfied until my next meal.

I don't even find myself wandering to the kitchen to munch anymore!  I'm just not hungry!  All my cravings and munchies are TOTALLY gone!  YEAY!
PLUS ... I chatted with my health coach about how to fit exercise into my already busy life.

We took a good look at my schedule ... and we realized that I actually had a great deal of time free to myself while the kids were in their activities!

It's true.  I never realized it because I was too busy just sitting on my butt again ... but I would spend hours each night sitting and watching my kids in their programs. More info about tip weight loss  
Well .. I'm not gonna get fit just watching my kids stay fit!
We already had a family membership to the Y as that's where my kids take their swimming lessons.  So ... now during my kids activities in the evenings ...

I head on upstairs at the Y and I get in a really good workout!!  Go ME!!!
It's been just 3 weeks now since I started my program.  I'm eating better.  I'm working out.

I feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The pounds are not flying off ... but I know that's because I'm building lean muscle.  And I'll take that any day!

I've lost a total of 6 pounds ...

But the best part ... I'm fitting back in to my summer clothes again!! Hmmm ... I may end up going shopping after all ... For sexy summer clothes!!


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